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We care about your data, how it’s used and how it’s stored. This is why we correctly store any data we may collect and only distribute it to necessary third parties such as the courier handling your order. This policy aims to explain when/why we collect your data and what’s done with it.


By using our website, or contacting us, you are accepting that we will need to process your personal information as detailed in this policy.




1.      You make a purchase from us through our website, by telephone or through other sales channels;


2.      You contact us with a sales or technical enquiry, or leave us feedback;


3.      You voluntarily sign up for our newsletter;


4.      You raise a complaint or dispute with us;


5.      You participate in our competitions or promotions.




1.      Your name;


2.      Your billing and/or delivery addresses;


3.      Your email address;


4.      Your telephone numbers;


5.      Your machine identifiers (such as your IP address / user-agent),


6.      Your password (which is salted and hashed) should you choose to set one up.




Your data will be used by Rayne Automotive in order to process your request and/or order and where necessary, we will share it with our partners in order to deliver your service/product. For example, your delivery address will be given to a delivery partner in order to effect delivery. We will not sell your information to third parties.