Wiring a single light switch for one way switching

Lots of the conversion kits we make have a need for wiring to be switched not just on the main control panel but from elsewhere in the van too. We usually do this by adding a series of either single or double switches around the van. The example here is for an LED light wiring loom which is made in green wire, we may use this switch set up for lots of different items throughout the vehicle, but the labels will be the same, so just follow them..  This article is to explain how to wire in a single switch with one input and one output. For double switches, see this article.



To mount the light switch, you will need a C-line surround, it can either be on it's own in a single surround or as part of a larger set up in a double or triple surround.  Select your desired location and drill a hole just large enough for the back of the switch to go into the hole, but still giving room to pop some 3mm screws through the corners of the switch.  

Then feed the wiring looms marked "light switch in" & "light switch out", through the hole from the back of your panel. Then you can wire the socket before putting the finished assembly back into the hole and screwing it in place. 


As always, before carrying out any electrical work, please make sure your leisure battery is disconnected by removing the negative strap so you are not working with any potentially live wires. 

When purchased as a part of one of our full electrical camper conversion kits, we will provide the wiring looms to and from the light switch labelled up and ready to install.

The wires are held in place using a screw type wire clamp, so place the un-insulated end of your wire into each terminal (this switch has side access terminals beneath the green lines,) and tighten the screws until the wire is secure and can't pull out.  This job requires a small cross headed or a flat bladed screw driver. 

If you are building your own wiring loom, the "light switch in" wire is the fused power coming up from your 12V fuse box, and the "light switch out" wire is the feed to the positive of your LED lights or other components that you're switching.

Please note this article is intended for switching 12V circuits only.

Please always have your work check by a qualified electrician before you reconnect your leisure battery.