Is there a voltage meter in my switch panel?

Something which is essential for both convenience and maximising your battery's life is a way of seeing how much charge is in the battery.  Most conversions would do this through a simple voltage readout.  All of our full wiring kits will come with either a control panel or a separate voltage meter unit. 

For information on how to use voltage to see what your battery is doing, click here

In the switch panel we use as the centre point of most of our wiring systems, the voltage is displayed in-between the two USB ports once they have been turned on. this can be done using the top right hand switch (pictured below). 

The voltage reading is not visible at all, when the socket it not connected to the 12V power and turned on.  

So when you get it out of the box, it may look like it's not there, but honestly, it will be a great moment when you have everything connected and flip the switch on!

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