Can I have a 12V socket and a 240V socket in the same surround?

"Can I have both 12V and 240V in the same socket?" This is a common question, which really has 2 different meanings and therefore answers. 

  1. Does the 12V feed my 240V sockets when I'm not hooked up? Check out this article for more information on this point. 
  2. Is is possible to use the same fascia or surround for both 12V and 240 sockets? This is the question we're going to answer here. 

When using the C-line or CBE range of sockets. It's a great idea to mix and match 240V sockets USBs and 12V sockets all in either a double or triple surround. As per the images below. 

The main thing to note here is that both the USB and the 12V socket (cigarette lighter plug) are powered via the fuse box from the leisure battery and the 3 pin plug socket will only be active when you're hooked up. (unless you have one of the off grid UPS items listed here)

The other thing to note is the round back box on the right hand side of both images. This is to protect the back of the 240V 3 pin socket. 

Coming soon will be the items  themselves and how to assemble these modular frame set ups from our online product listings....