There's an inverter on my layout sheet but I don't have one in my system?

At present, when you buy a full electrical camper conversion kit from us, when we send it out, we supply you with a "layout form" which is a top down drawing of the components in your van (fuse boxes, split charge relays etc.) so we can show what's intended to go where. These are what we base the wiring loom lengths on too. 

The forms are printed as a generic form, then we fill them in for you as we go along, as such sometimes there are components listed on the form which don't appear on an individual layout, such as the inverter. This would just be because that system wasn't ordered with an inverter on checkout but we use the same layout form. 

If you're unsure, please check your invoice to see whether your system should have been supplied with an inverter. Alternatively if you're not sure if you now need to add an inverter. Check out this article.