Solar panel dimensions 

These days solar panel can be a great addition to any conversion, as the technology gets better and cheaper, they are becoming more wide spread, giving more time and flexibility for off-grid camping. 

We offer a range of Victron rigid solar panels and flexible panels from other manufacturers. This article is to show the dimensions to help you select what panel would fit your roof best. 

PanelDimensions Weight
115W Rigid1015mm x 668mm x 30mm8Kg
175W Rigid1485mm x 668mm x 30mm11Kg
215W Rigid 1580mm x 808mm x 35mm15Kg
150W Flexible 1460mm x 540mm x 3mm3.2Kg

With the rigid panels, please allow 5-10cm each end for the ABS corner mounting kits supplied. These stick or screw to the panel and then stick or screw to the roof. 

It's recommended to use the flexible panel when attaching to a pop top roof as it's lighter and more aesthetically pleasing. 

The rigid panels can be attached to roof bars or roof racks, using Z brackets or custom made brackets bolted to the frame of the solar panel and then onto the roof bars. At present we don't supply any brackets for this, but we're working on it. 

How to fix solar panels on

A brief word on fixing, this isn't an in depth how to guide, we're writing that at the minute. 

Rigid panels

As a general rule, we would fix the mounts to the panel first, using a combination of bolts and a Sikaflex adhesive, then we would do the same with the mounts to the roof.  Please note: it's always better to check a solar panel is functioning before fixing it to the roof as removal is pretty tricky. It's very uncommon for there to be a faulty panel, but it's better to check.

Flexible panels

These are usually bonded down using a Sikaflex ahesive (not supplied). Be sure not to seal all the way about and it will lead to build ups of pressure under the panel, which can damage the panel, leave a small air gap or two at the back of the panel, so the air doesn't get under it whilst driving. This will help to cool the panels too. 

Please note: It's perhaps more important to check flexible panels are functioning before mounting, just because removal is even more difficult than with rigid panels. 

We hope this helps and have a great day!