Our new wiring kits, what's changed.

For those of your who have been watching our website or have been existing customers for a while, you may have seen a few changes in our full wiring kit listings and the components which they contain. 

Our latest large update was on the 16th May 2020 The details of the changes are below. 

Website listing changes. 

  • Full kits have been broken into 4 simple elements to allow greater customisation.
  • LED lights and batteries have been moved from selectable attributes to "Add-ons".
  • Enduroline AGM batteries have launched as a 2 pack, supplied with linking wires.
  • Mains hook up leads can be added to all kits as an "Add-on". 
  • Solar panels have been added to the full wiring kits range.
  • Solar panels can now be purchased with wiring directly into the CTEK D250 charger if purchased.
  • Sample layouts are now available for you to select from when ordering, or if you'd prefer download and fill out your own layout form. 
  • We now have an online help centre with far more fitting instructions and resources. 

Although the kits might not look exactly like they used to, we believe that the new design, coupled with the "how to guide" allow you to select more possibilities and cover more conversions as standard.

Product changes. 

  • Core wiring kit now comes with the voltage sensing split charge as standard.
  • Both brushed silver and c-line modular control panels can be selected within the listing.
  • 10-way fuse boxes can now be swapped into the kits. 
  • Battery terminal covers now come as standard on all kits. 
  • 10 way fuse boxes now come with an extra common earthing block to keep all the earth wires tidy. 
  • Anything added as an "Add-on" item will now automatically come with it's wiring custom built as part of the full core wiring kit. 
  • All finishes of 240V socket are included in the mains kit at no extra cost.
  • You can now select how many 240V double sockets you'd like in the mains kit. 
  • Covered surface mount inlet is now included at no extra cost. 
  • Flush mounted inlets have reduced by 50% in price. 
  • We have changed from a 3 stage mains battery charger to a 7 stage charger with different charging profiles for wet and AGM batteries. 
  • A wider range of inverters can be directly placed into the kits. 
  • Solar panels can be purchased within the kits too. 

I hope this helps display the upgrades we've made to the wiring system.