Control panel

A control panel often forms the centrepiece of an electrical system in camper conversions. It contains the switches for your appliances, voltage reading to see your battery power, USBs and 12V sockets. 

The control panel is powered by your 12V leisure battery and does not require mains power. The control panel comes as part of the core wiring kit.

All of our control panel styles have the same features, 6 switches, a double USB port, voltage meter and a 12V socket. 

Gloss blackBrushed SilverC-line (modular)

The C-line panel is a modular system, which consists of 3 x double switches, a triple fascia, a double USB & voltage meter, a 12v socket and a double fascia. 

The other two panels are a 1 piece unit with quick release wiring loom plugs on the back.