Low-voltage disconnects

Leisure batteries can be damaged sometimes irreversibility by being drained too far. For most lead-based batteries, the max level for regular discharges should be 50%, this is usually equivalent to a battery voltage of 12.0V off load. 

Sometimes, we prefer to enjoy our time away in the camper rather than watching the voltage meter to see when we're running out of power in the battery. This is where a low voltage disconnect or a battery protect can be very useful. 

The low-voltage disconnect sits between the positive terminal of your leisure battery and the items that consume power (or loads), when the voltage reaches a pre-determined level, the low voltage disconnect will cut the power, preventing further damaging discharge to your battery. It will automatically cut back in as the voltage rises up when the battery is on charge. 

We use the Victron battery protect, which has a choice of 8 different preset voltages to choose from. The battery protect is also available in 65A, 100A and 220A versions depending on how much current your loads will draw.

When selected to be part of a full wiring kit, we will supply it with an inline fuse and the respective cabling to integrate it into your system, as usual, we will label all of the cables for a nice easy installation.